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1. Log on to your account
2. Select Calendars at top of page;
3. View the week that booking you wish to cancel;
4. Select Edit, button and your invoice will pop up;
5. If you have more then one booking on the invoice then click on date (in red lettering) you want to cancel, if it is only one booking on the invoice click on the facility name (in red lettering) a pop-up box will appear to confirm you wish to cancel. Click Ok that’s it, your booking is now cancelled


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Classes may be cancelled or combined depending upon registration and are subject to time change when necessary. We reserve the right to cancel a class with less than one half a class registered. Credits or refunds will only be issued if the class is cancelled by the Department or if a participant is medically required to withdraw from a set of lessons with at least four classes remaining.


Fees for medical insurance coverage have been included in registration fees for participants in all programs run directly by the Department of Community Services.


We like showing pictures of people enjoying our programs, activities, facilities and parks. A picture of you smiling says even more - it shows you enjoy the benefits of active living. So if you see our photographer - smile! You may just show up in our next publication or on our website. If you prefer not to have your picture or your child's picture taken, please let the photographer know and we will be happy to comply..