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NOTE: Cancellation Policy is same as all courses, Refund will be issued with a medical note or we cancel Class.
» Adult Sport Activities (4)
» Registered Fitness Classes (19)
» Drop In Program (1)
» Courses (1)
» Flex(Dropin) Registration Fitness Classes (12)
» Sensory - REC Swim (1)
» 1 Day Course (3)
NOTE: For more details call 748-6485.
» 60+ Club Fitness Classes (8)
This Centre is located at 25 Holden Street. (Off Wyatt Boulevard)748-3775 Programs that require a fee Must be paid at the Mount Pearl Summit or Online.
» Adult Sport Activities (2)
 SWIMMING LESSONS - Jan to Mar (149)
January 14 - March 20
» Parent &Tot Programs (17)
» Preschool Swim Program (38)
» Learn To Swim Programs (56)
» LOW RATIO - Learn To Swim Programs (13)
» Private Lessons (14)
» Youth / Adult Lessons (3)
» Lifesaving Courses (3)
» Lifeguarding Courses (3)
» Leadership Courses (2)