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About the City of Mount Pearl

Mount Pearl is the second largest city in Newfoundland. It has everything you need to enjoy the comforts of urban living amidst an unaffected environment. Mount Pearl's natural surroundings combined with its industrial core provides a terrific place to live, to work, and to operate a business. Our city is growing rapidly, and becoming increasingly well known as a friendly business city. Already it is home to some of the most significant players in the Oil and Gas and Technology industries. Mount Pearl's industrial centre is second to none within the Province. Its recreational facilities are some of the finest found in Atlantic Canada. Mount Pearl's community spirit and a strong volunteer base help to create one of the most beautiful and neighbourly cities in Canada

For more information on the City of Mount Pearl, visit our website located at, email to or call us at one of the following numbers:

Contact Us:
City Hall 3 Centennial Street (709) 748-1000
Mount Pearl Summit 126 Smallwood Drive (709) 748-1002 ext. 1
Glacier Mount Pearl 45 Olympic Drive (709)748-1100 ext. 2