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Facility, Venue & Ice Rentals

If you are interested in booking one of the facilities, you must first create an account. Once you submit your booking request, staff will review and notify you by email. Please note - requests are only reviewed Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm.

Please note that not all Huron-Kinloss Recreation and Community Facilities and Venues are available to be booked online due to operational considerations. If you wish to proceed with your booking at this time, please provide the required information and submit your request with the understanding that all requests are initially placed in a pending approval hold, subject to staff review.

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  4. Email or call us to make your facility booking.

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Rental Rates

Ripley Huron Community Centre Per Hour    
Auditorium – Day Time (8am-4pm) $23.36 $3.04 $26.40
Auditorium – Non Prime (October to March Evening & Weekends) $23.36 $3.04 $26.40
Auditorium – Prime (April to September Evening & Weekends) $35.05 $4.55 $39.60
Auditorium – Licenced Event (4pm – 1am) $490.62 $63.78 $554.40
Auditorium Licenced Wedding ( 9am to 1am) $733.01 $95.29 $828.30
Social Room – Day Time (8am-4pm) $17.52 $2.28 $19.80
Social Room – Non Prime (October to March Evening & Weekends) $17.52 $2.28 $19.80
Social Room – Prime (April to September Evening & Weekends) $29.21 $3.79 $33.00
Social Room Kitchen – Or 8 Hours for $57 + HST $10.00 $1.30 $11.30
Point Clark Community Centre      
Funeral Receptions & Benefit Dances Donation   Donation
Upstairs Hall with Kitchen $23.36 $3.04 $26.40
Lucknow Townhall      
Lucknow Townhall HAWK Theatre $17.25 $2.28 $19.80
Lucknow Townhall Basement $17.52 $2.28 $19.80

Prime Time Ice Rental (Per Hour) $132.75 $17.25 $150.00
Non-Prime Time Ice Rental - Weekday's 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (Per Hour) $90.00 $11.70 $101.70
Last Minute Ice Rental – 2 Days in Advance – Casual Users Only (Per Hour) $66.37 $8.63 $75.00
Ticket Ice – Day of (Only when advertised) $5.00 N/A $5.00
Tournament Ice Rental (Minimum of 8 hours) (Per Hour) $110.00 $14.30 $124.30
Non-Resident Minor Sports (Per Hour) $121.91 $15.19 $137.75

Cancelling a Booking

To cancel a Facility/Venue or Ice rental booking you may contact the Community Services staff at 519-395-2909 or As the advance timeframe allowance for cancellations varies, depending on the type of facility, it is best to contact our Community Services staff, directly.

If you are contacting us by phone and unable to call during regular business hours, please provide your name, name of the group (if applicable), and the details of the booking (location, day, time & venue) that you are cancelling at 519-395-2909.

If you need to cancel a booking due to inclement weather, please inform The Community Services staff as soon as possible so that notification can be communicated to the appropriate staff members.

Facility Refund Policy

Room and Hall Rentals

All cancellations must be received in writing.

Days Prior to Facility Rental/Function Refund Eligibility:
0-30 Days Prior to Function No Refund
30 to 90 Days Prior to Function 50% Refund
90+ Days Prior to Function Full Refund - minus $50 Admin Fee

Ice Rentals

One weeks’ notice is required to return ice / floor rentals to the Ripley-Huron Community Centre. This will allow for maximized ice sales. A 25% charge per ice booking will be applied outside of the one-week window.