Township of Tyendinaga Centre Terms and Conditions

Field Closure Policy

The field closure policy has been put in place to enhance the health and safety for users and to protect the condition of sports fields. Sports fields in The Township of Tyendinaga will be considered unplayable if one of the following conditions exists:

  1. Pooling of water on the surface of the sport field turf/diamond surface
  2. Water sponging up around your feet when walking on the sport field/diamond
  3. Weather conditions
  4. What kind of damage could occur to fields if the field were to remain open
  5. Any health & safety issues

If one of these conditions occurs, the sport field/diamond will be considered unplayable and the field will be closed. While the Township will use the above noted listed conditions to close fields, the Township continues to have exclusive rights to cancel any games booked due to any reason deemed acceptable by the Township. Officials residing over the activity may not scrutinize the decision of staff under any circumstances. In the event of cancellation due to inclement weather, the assigned Recreation staff will make any necessary user fee adjustments upon confirmation by league contact or email.

Township of Tyendinaga staff will advise the identified league contact person by email and telephone of all extreme cancellations and delays no later than 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday that day based on current and anticipated field and weather conditions. Weekend cancellations will be made by Township of Tyendinaga's Recreation staff in an appropriate amount of time before usage. It is the responsibility of the permit holder (league contact person) to ensure that all officials/umpires, coaches and players receive timely notification of the cancellation. The Township of Tyendinaga will not accept failure to communicate as an excuse of non-compliance by coaches and officials, nor will it be held responsible for any inconveniences created by communicated cancellations.

If a group arrives at a field and one of the conditions listed above exist or develops during the course of a field booking, they are asked not to play on the sport field/diamond. Several factors must be considered, including the safety of the participants, the liability through accidents or injuries, and the expense of sport field/diamond repairs and maintenance. Cancellations and delays during play will be determined by sport officials (i.e. referees, umpires, etc.) at the field. An immediate delay will be forced in the event of lightning and or heavy rainfall. All delays will remain in effect until the officials determine that there have been no visible lightning strikes for 30 minutes, heavy rainfall has stopped and the field shows no signs of saturation. It is the opinion of the officials/umpires at this time that the field is safe for play. Should the official not feel the field is safe for play it is the responsibility of the official/umpire to cancel play until further notice.

If the rental permit holder ignores the unplayable conditions:

  1. The permit holder will be required to pay for all damages to the sport field/diamond arising from abuse to the facility where he/she or group are deemed responsible;
  2. The permit holder will be held liable and responsible for accidents, or injuries incurred because of unsafe conditions;
  3. The permit holder will have their permit suspended, or revoked for any future use of sports fields/diamonds
  4. It is expected that all patrons, players and officials occupying a specific field for rental respect the decisions of the Township Of Tyendinaga staff and refrain from using the sports field for the period of the cancellation.

    Any questions contact the Recreation Department at 613-996-1944 ext. 203 or