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 Cancellation and Refund Policy

The Township of Selwyn Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel any rental temporarily or permanently, based upon the following:

  • The Renter has provided false information in order to obtain use of noted facility;
  • Upon breach of these rules and regulations included in the rental agreement
  • The Department is of the opinion that the premises are not being used for the purpose(s) contained in the rental agreement;
  • Should the Renter fall in arrears with the Township of Selwyn;
  • In the event of inclement weather or facility conditions.
  • All seasonal rentals will be “on account” unless otherwise directed by the Manager of Financial Services. Invoices are issued the first day of the month following the rental at Net 30 days, and are payable to the Township of Selwyn. Interest charges will apply to all payments received after the due date.

All Renters (Excluding Leagues): In the event the Renter is required to cancel this agreement, such cancellation must be reported to the Parks and Recreation Department at least 72 hours prior to event for refund.

League/Seasonal Renters: Contracted ice time/field time may be cancelled but not refunded. League time is contracted per season and cannot be amended. In the event a cancellation has occurred due to weather related concerns a full refund will be credited to the league account, leagues must advise Selwyn Township staff of any weather related cancellations.