Rules & Regulations

Efective 4 August 2016

  1. Civic Centers are available for use between the hours of 8:30am and 10pm Monday thru Sunday.
  2. Rental Fees are payable as detailed:
    • CI $35.00 per hour
    • CI $15.75 per hour (Not for Profit / Community Enrichment)
    • CI $26.50 per hour (Political)
  3. These rates are payable per hour.
  4. No bookings will be confirmed without payment in full and completion of the Civic Center Rental form. Applicants are advised to ensure that the venue is suitable for the intended purpose prior to booking.
  5. ALL BOOKINGS ARE FINAL AND RENTAL FEES NON-REFUNDABLE. However, providing at least five working days’ notice of cancellation, a credit equal to the amount paid will be provided to offset the cost of any booking of a venue by the same user in the following six months. A CI $20.00 administration charge will be payable
  6. Events complemented by more than 50 attendees are required to have Security & Professional Janitorial Clean Up. Security Services @ $15.00 per hour and Janitorial Service @ $30.00 per hour.
  7. Users are kindly requested not to remove any furniture, or touch flags, pictures etc. that they may find in the venue at the time of use. They are also reminded that any PA System/AV Equipment, cutlery, crockery etc required for functions must be provided by the users
  8. Users are reminded absolutely nothing is to be adhered to the walls; no attachments to the ceiling, ceiling lights or ceiling fans. Wooden rods have been provided for ease of erecting & dismantling decorations
  9. Possession &/or consumption of Alcohol is strictly prohibited
  10. Facilities Management and the RCIP reserve the right to cancel/end events that are deemed a public nuisance
  11. Following its use the venue must be left in a clean and tidy condition by the user. Sufficient time for cleaning up must therefore be included in the period for which the venue is booked. Failure to leave the premises in a clean and tidy condition will result in the users being required to reimburse the Cayman Islands Government in full for all expenses incurred in cleaning the premises and replacing any damaged or missing Government property.
  12. Failure to reimburse the Government will result in further applications for use of any venue being refused
  13. Users are required to vacate the Civic Center at the time stated on the rental form. Failure to do so will be reported by the Caretaker and may result in further requests to use any venue being refused.
  14. In the event that any Government body requires access to and or use of any venue at a time when a facility has already been reserved by another party, the Government body will take priority. This includes the use of the facility as a hurricane shelter as required by the National Hurricane Committee. In these circumstances, the party with original reservations will be made informed at the earliest opportunity and a refund or credit will be made.
  15. Storage of any item is strictly prohibited
  16. The contact numbers below for venue caretakers are to be used in emergencies only
    • Bodden Town - Cindy Ebanks 928-0784 / 947-2075
    • George Town - Lincoln Robinson 927-1636 / 324-2348
    • East End - Melrose Flashley 917-8117 / 927-9462
    • Gun Bay Hazel Scott 947-5234 / 924-4749
    • North Side - Roland Pouchie 947-9691 / 916-5624
    • South Sound - Mary White 925-0977 / 945-7637
    • FM Helpdesk/Facilities Administrator - Jasmine Myles 926-3411