Refund/Cancellation Policy

Course Refunds

A full refund/credit for any program will be issued with 24-hour notice prior to the start date. After this there will be a charge based on the cost of one class.

A refund/credit can be issued after the first class, for the remaining lessons, if you or your child decides not to continue with the course, for any reason. There will be a charge for the class attended based on the cost of the course.

A credit will be issued, at any time during the course, due to illness/injury (with a doctor’s note) or dangerous or deteriorating weather conditions

Facility Rental Refunds

Cancellations must be made in person, or by calling (709) 596 7535.

Refunds/credits for the 50% deposit required when booking a rental, will only be issued under extenuating circumstances, such as illness (with a doctors note) or dangerous weather conditions.

Rental balances (outside of the initial 50% deposit) will be refunded/credited if cancelled before your rental date.