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1. Member Access:
i. The member agrees to produce and swipe their ID membership card at the customer service front desk prior to entering each time they enter to use the facilities.  If the member fails to produce their membership card, the following conditions apply:
a. Pay a $2 (includes gst) access fee
b. Return with a valid membership card
c. Do not access facility
ii. Memberships are non-transferrable.  Membership card sharing and/or unauthorized access of the facilities violates the membership terms and conditions of use and may result in a suspension or revocation of membership without refund.

2. Waiver Form & PAR-Q:
i. All members are expected to fill out a Waiver and PAR-Q form and participate in an
orientation of the fitness facility prior to their first use of the facility.  Members under 18 years of age must have a parent/guardian sign a consent form.

3. Dependent Members (13 & Under):
i. Memberships under the age of 13 years may only participate in the facilities when accompanied by a parent/guardian.  Violation of this policy may result in a suspension of access.

4. Lost/Damaged Membership Card:
i. Healthy Living Centre reserves the right to issue the member a new member card if the following conditions apply: the card is damaged or unreadable due to normal wear and tear or the card has been lost.  Where the card has been lost, Healthy Living Centre will issue the primary card holder a new membership card at a cost to the member of $15 plus GST.  Where the card is no longer functional due to normal wear and tear, HLC will issue a new card at no charge.

5. Upgrade & Save Program:
i. Members have the option to upgrade or change their membership (within the same membership duration) within 30 days of the original membership purchase and pay only the difference.   Offer does not apply to 1 month membership purchases.

6. Membership or Medical Freeze:
i. For Medical reasons - Medical extensions are available, at no charge, when you provide written notification from your Physician within 30 days of the medical assessment.
ii. Non-Medical – An annual Fitness membership may be frozen for any reason for a maximum of 30 consecutive days once per one-year membership at a cost to the member of $15 plus GST.  This offer does not apply to Track memberships.
iii. The member must provide a freeze request by email or in writing to the HLC Customer Service Desk providing 24 hours’ notice for this to be processed.

7. Locker & Towel Service:
i. Towel service is a value-added service free of charge with all 1 month, 4 month, and 1 year memberships.  When purchasing a membership you will be provided with a towel tag.  To redeem a towel you must hand in the towel tag.  When the towel is returned you will receive your towel tag back.  If you lose your towel tag a new one can be purchased at a cost of $5 plus GST.
ii. Locker use is free on a daily basis to all HLC members.  Bring your own lock and remove your lock and locker contents at the end of each day.  We reserve the right to remove locks and contents at closing of each day.
iii. Lockers are available for rent on an annual basis only.  Provide your own lock and advise the Customer Service Desk with the locker number you have chosen. We reserve the right to remove locks and contents at the conclusion of the annual rental.
iv. Locker and towel service is a value-added service to your membership and as such our membership refund policy applies.  Please see that section for details.
v. HLC assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items or damage to personal property and strongly recommends that you do not store valuables in your locker.
vi. The use of any photo devices within the change rooms is not permitted.

8. Parking:
i.  Free designated parking is a value added service of your membership when using the facility (east parking lot of HLC) there is a two hour maximum limit during 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.  During these days and times please sign in and out with your license plate number at the Customer Service Centre front desk.  Beyond these times it is open parking unless otherwise indicated.

9. Rental Equipment:
i. To sign out equipment within the facility, the member must provide a valid student, staff or HLC member card. Any equipment checked out under a member account becomes the responsibility of the member and must be returned by the member only.
ii. It is the responsibility of the member to inspect the equipment being rented for any previous damage.  Please notify customer service staff if you notice any damage prior to use.  Any damage incurred beyond normal wear and tear (i.e. bent/broken racquets) will be assessed a replacement fee.  Damage is assessed upon the return of the equipment to the Equipment window.
iii. All equipment checked out must be returned on the same day of check out.
iv.  Members, staff, students and general public who fail to return equipment and do not pay for its replacement are subject to suspension of member privileges until such time that they pay for replacement. 

10. Proper Gym Attire:
i. Proper workout attire (running shoes, shirt and shorts at a minimum) is required when using the facilities.  We reserve the right to determine what defines generally accepted, appropriate footwear and attire.
ii. All indoor footwear must have non-marking soles.
iii. Bare feet are not allowed in any areas of the facility.
iv. Gym bags, change of clothing and outdoor wear are not permitted in the Fitness Centre or Track area and need to be stowed in the lockers provided.
v. Please refrain from taking food into any of the workout areas.

11. Refund Policy:
i. All approved refunds will be pro-rated minus a $15+gst administration fee. Refunds are permitted only if the following conditions have been satisfied:
a. Memberships are fully refundable within the first seven days of purchase, after which they are non-refundable and non-transferable.  An administrative charge will apply to all refunds.  Refunds will be mailed out.  There are no refunds on memberships outside of what is stipulated in this policy.
b. BU Staff must provide a letter from their Supervisor indicating they are no longer employed by the university and are moving away from Brandon.

12. Customer Service Desk:
i. We are here to help – just ask a Customer Service Centre Assistant.
ii.  All members are asked to immediately report injuries, concerns, or equipment not working to a customer service assistant or Facility Manager.

13. HLC endeavours to be a safe facility for all participants and follows the Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy.  For more details, please read the aforementioned policy by vising

14. The Healthy Living Centre supports a gender neutral environment and provides multi-use and gender specific change rooms. 

15. Any concerns about the facility can be directed to the Facility Co-ordinator - Sara Grona, or Director of Athletics and Community Engagement - Russ Paddock. 

16. By the purchase of a Healthy Living Centre membership you agree to the Membership Terms and Conditions of paragraphs 1 through 15 herein.