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Create an Individual Account if you are an adult making purchases for yourself. You may add family members to your account at any time.Create a Family Member Account if you are making purchases for family members and you are the primary billing contact.

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NEW ACCOUNTS (Individual & Family Instructions)
If you have never registered for a course, rented a facility or purchased a membership, please follow the instructions below:
Step 1. Create a New Account
Click on the Click here to create a New Account link at the top of this screen and choose to create either an Individual Account or Family Account:
Individual Account
  • Complete the form by providing all required information.
  • Click the Next button
Family Account
  • Complete the form by providing all required information.
  • Click the Next button to continue to the Add Family Member Screen.
  • Complete all required fields for the family member and then click the "Save & Add Another" button to save the family member and proceed to enter another member to your account.

Note: You can add additional members to your (individual or family) account later by logging on to your account and clicking on the Family Members Tab.
Step 2. Activate Your Account
  • Check your email for your Account Activation Email.
  • To activate your account, click on the link provided in the email.
Note: If you do not receive the activate account email, check your junk mail or contact us for assistance.
Logging into your account provides you with access to your invoices in My Account, Course History and a Personal Calendar to view the dates and times of the course(s) you are registered for.
FOR NEW ACCOUNTS (Individual Account Instructions)
If you have never used our site before, please follow the instructions below to create your new account:
Click on the link in the box at the top of this screen titled "Click Here to Create a New Account".
Step 1. Create Billing Contact
  • Complete the Contact Information click the Next button.
Step 2. Activate Account
  • Check your email account for an Account Activation email.
  • Click on the link provided in the email.
Please Note: You will have 24 hours to click on the link contained in the email message to complete the account creation process.
Step 3. Account Activated
  • Activation will be completed, and you will be logged into the system.
Please Note: If the Account Activation email is not in your Inbox, please check your Junk Email folder or contact your mail administrator.
If you have participated in a recreation program or rented a facility in the past but do not have an online account or cannot access an existing account, please DO NOT create a new account.
Option 1. Try To Login
  • Click on the "Click Here to Retrive Your Account Information" link at the top of this page
  • Enter in your First Name, Last Name, and enter your Email Address as your Username and select "Send Email"
  • Check Your Email for your Account recovery details
Option 2. Contact Us
  • Please contact us at 613-524-2522 or email us to activate your existing account.
  • Once we enable your online access, you will receive an Account Activation Email. Follow the instructions to access your online information.
Step 1. Login to Your Account
  • Logon to your existing account to access your account details.
Step 2. Add Family Member(s)
  • Click on “Add New Family Member” at the top of the page and fill in their contact information
  • Click on “Add New Family Member” at the bottom of the page to add a family member to your account
If you experience problems creating or updating your account please click on FAQ at the top-right page for helpful information. If you are still experiencing problems, please call 613-524-2522 or email