Refund & Cancellation Policies
Facility Rental Cancellations
GRM Facility Rentals Cancellations made one week prior will receive a full refund of damage deposit and rental costs.
Cancellations made 48 hours prior to the booking time will be charged a 25% of the rental costs for administration processing fees.
Cancellations will not be accepted the day of rental. The full rental price will be charged.
Cancellations and refunds of facility rental contracts will be administered according to the Manager
Course Cancellations
Full refunds will only be issued in instances where programs have been cancelled by the Town of Valleyview.
Withdrawals that are made more than 5 days from program or lesson start date are subject to a 25% withdrawal fee.
The withdrawal fee will apply to each program or lesson withdrawal. The guest will be given the option to leave a credit on their account,
for up to one year, for future use or they may request a refund. All refunds will take several weeks to process.
No refunds will be issued if the withdrawal is within 5 days of the program or lesson start date. All refunds will be issued by cheque.
Withdrawals for medical reasons are permitted with no penalty prior to program start. If the withdrawal is after the program start date,
due to medical reasons, a prorated refund will be permitted and no withdrawal fee will be levied. In both cases,
refunds or credits will only be issues once a doctor’s note has been received.
Membership Refunds
Monthly/ 6 month Refunds/ Annual Paid in Advance Before any refund is considered, a substantial and/or appropriate cause or reason
underlying the request must be produced. Refunds will not be given for whimsical reasons
such as the facility pass holder going on vacation, or because of a change of mind.
If approved by the Facility Manager refunds on fees paid will be paid proportionate
to the amount remaining on the pass.
Daily/Punch Card Refunds No refunds are given for punch cards or drop in day passes.
Annual Pass Holders Paid in Advance- Suspension Can suspend up to 1-3 months, months will be added to the end of their plan.
Cancellation Greenview Regional Multiplex requires a 30-day written termination notice before the
date of the next withdrawal date. There is no refund for any unused portion of a month.
Pre-Authorized Payment Suspension A pass holder on the pre-authorized payment plan can suspend their account for a
minimum of one month maximum of three months. To suspend, they must give 15 days
or more notice from the date of the next pre-authorized payment to suspend.
A suspension letter must be filled out and signed by the customer. (customer must come in with a written letter).
If a customer wishes to suspend their pass for a longer duration than 3 months,
they must cancel their membership and fill out a new application once they return from their absence.
To suspend a pass, the entire pass on the original application must be suspended not portions thereof.
For example, a family membership is considered as one pass plan- or one application.
EFT For Annual Memberships
*Only Annual Memberships are eligible for EFT
The Greenview Regional Multiplex offers an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) service to all guests with an annual membership.
The EFT option is available via Visa or Mastercard only.
Any membership purchased on the EFT Payment Plan is non- transferable.
Upon signing up to the EFT program the member will complete the necessary documentation and make the first month’s payment.
Eleven (11) equal payments will then be applied each subsequent month following.
The remaining balance will be divided by 11 and then be applied each subsequent month following.
The first electronic payment will be withdrawn at the end of the following month from the membership sign up date.
Refunds may take up to 14 business days to process.
No refunds will be issued if the cancellation is within the final month of the membership
Membership renewals are not required at the end of the term (12 months).
No payments via a checking account are available
Having a declined credit card or NSF three times or more during a 12-month membership exempts
the individual or family from qualifying for this option in the future.
All individuals or families whose credit card is declined or NSF are subject to a $25 admin fee per occurrence.