Terms and Conditions

1:            Associations, and teams which are included in the association, will not be allowed to book time until all past due payments from the association ar paid.  

2:            The first round of time requests will be received until Sept 19, 2023.  Booking confirmations will be completed by September 24th.

3:            Payment for bookings between Oct 1 and Dec 31, 2023 must be made by October 3, 2013.  Bookings Between Jan 1 and Feb 29 must be paid by Dec 1, 2023.  If payment or arrangements have not been made by this date , the times will be released to the second round of booking. We have added a debit machine this year to expand payment methods but we still do not accept credit cards as of yet.

4:            Rental times will be made in (1) one hour blocks .  We will not be accepting half hour booking (eg.  1.5 hours)

5:            Sports organization with  youth programs will be given first priority

6:            It is requested that facility bookings be conducted through the associations whenever possible.

7:                 No shows are responsible for full rental rate of field booked

Any times cancelled within 30 days will be the responsibility of the organization booking the time.  Avalon Sports will try and fill cancelled times and credit the original organization for the next rental.  If the time is not filled, the original Booking organization will be responsible for payment.

Rates            1/3 field         $175.00 plus HST

                        Full Field      $500.00 plus HST

            Birthday Parties      $1750.00 plus HST


8. Payment must be made in advance by cash,debit, cheque or e-transfer payable to Avalon Sports. Bookings will not be confirmed  until the payment conditions have been met.

9.        Avalon Sports require all user groups provide a minimum of thirty days written notice to cancel confirmed bookings.  Phone cancellations will not be accepted.

10.        The user group is responsible for cleanup of all litter. This refers to all areas of the facility. I.e. Field,  Lobby, locker room etc. Non-compliance could result in the user group being charged for the clean up and/or refused further rentals.

11.        Rental period is to include set up and take down of all equipment. Failure to comply may result in extra charges or refusal of entry in future.

12.        Set up and take down of all equipment is responsibility of user group. All equipment/property belonging to Avalon Sports must be returned to its proper storage space. 

13.        Any damage to equipment or facility as a result of misuse or inappropriate behavior will result in user group paying for damages or future refusal of entry.

14.        All outdoor footwear must be removed before entering the field Area.

15.        Absolutely no food or drink to be consumed in field area. Exceptions are made for sports drinks and water only for athletes and officials training and competing.

16.       Avalon Sports reserves the right to refuse rental to any or all of its facilities to user groups deemed inappropriate , or for unsportsmanlike conduct, as decided by the manager.

17.     Insurance. All user groups will require their own Insurance Policy indemnifying Avalon Sports (min $2,000,000 liability insurance) against any injury/damages as a result of their rental. Avalon Sports will require a copy of the user group’s insurance certificate naming the Avalon Sports Inc. 

18.     All user groups must sign a License Agreement before using Avalon Sports Facilities.