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 Foundational Health Education (1)
A two-day workshop that provides a strong foundation in core health education competencies including health promotion, communication (including motivational interviewing), practical application of health education theories, behavioural self-management counselling and facilitation skills, educational interventions, resource management, professional practice and program evaluation. Participants are required to buy a FHE Workbook from CNRC for this learning unit which is the basis of your pre-reading and workshop activities.
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 Applied Tobacco Intervention (1)
This learning unit is designed to help healthcare professionals provide evidence-based, effective tobacco interventions. It is currently being delivered Virtually due to Covid-19 and uses a cooperative learning approach to practice the skills required for brief and intensive tobacco interventions.
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 In-Person QuitCore (1)
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 Virtual QuitCore (6)
QuitCore is a free group support program that provides adult individuals with the tools, strategies and skills they need to quit smoking commercial tobacco, or using other forms of tobacco, while connecting them with support from others who are also trying to quit. QuitCore consists of six in-depth 90 minute sessions over a period of six weeks.
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