Letter from the Head of School - February 7, 2022

For many years, Summer at St. George’s has been a big part of school life. It has had a positive effect on many people: participating campers, student counsellors, and staff who offered their time to the programming.

Dealing with COVID-19 over these past two summers has been very challenging. We were forced to close our summer international boarding program and we intentionally shrank the day programs to less than one tenth of their normal size. It now looks like 2022 will continue to be challenging. Our Senior Leadership Team has taken a long, hard look at what Summer at St. George’s has been, what it is right now, and what it might become post-COVID-19. 

We have come to the difficult conclusion that the best course of action for 2022 is to put a pause on our offerings. 

This will provide the School with an opportunity to refocus on core programs and provide space to rethink what summers at St. George’s might be like as we look to 2023 and beyond. We are optimistic that, with focus and vision, we can create something exciting and new that will provide world-class programs to enrich the lives of our community members. 

We recognize that not offering Summer at St. George’s in 2022 will be disappointing to many people and we are sorry for that. We hope that by providing this message early, you will be able to make alternate summer plans. 

These are exceptional times. However we are confident that, with the time this pause affords us, we can create a program that is even more strategically focused and exciting.


Mr. David Young

Head of School