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 Red Cross Leadership (1)
The Town of Hampton offers multiple training courses for developing the skills needed to become a lifeguard or a swimming instructor. For more information on prerequisites for each course please see the sub-categories.
» First Aid (1)
 Adult Sport and Activities (1)
Looking to stay fit this summer? The Town of Hampton has various sport and recreation programs for adults that will help you keep fit all season long!
» AquaFit (1)
 Aquatics (9)
There is a lot more that goes on at the Hampton Community Pool than just swimming lessons and free swim! Did you know there are sports you can play in the water? And passes that can get you access to all of the programs at the pool? Make sure you check out our aquatics section, so that you're taking full advantage of our great swimming facility!
» Pool Membership (3)
» Youth (2)
» Adapted Aquatics (4)
 Lifesaving Preschool (68)
Parent & Tot (3 levels): for parents and children up to 3 years of age. Through structured in-water interaction between parent and child, we stress the importance of play in developing water positive attitudes and skills. Because activities and progressions are based on child development, parents register in the level appropriate for their child’s age: 4–12 months, 12–24 months, or 2–3 years Preschool (5 levels): for children 3–5 years old. The Preschool program develops an appreciation and healthy respect for the water. In our basic aquatic progressions we work to ensure 3 to 5-year-olds become comfortable in the water and have fun acquiring and developing a foundation of water skills.
» Parent & Tot 1-3 (7)
» Preschool 1 (18)
» Preschool 2 (17)
» Preschool 3 (16)
» Preschool 4/5 (10)
 Lifesaving Swimmer (95)
SWIMMER (6 levels): for children 5 years and older. The Lifesaving Society’s six-level Swimmer program makes sure children learn how to swim before they get in too deep. Swimmer progressions accommodate children 5 years and older including absolute beginners as well as swimmers who want to build on the basics. We stress lots of in-water practice to develop solid swimming strokes and skills.
» Swimmer 1 (18)
» Swimmer 2 (18)
» Swimmer 3 (19)
» Swimmer 4 (16)
» Swimmer 5 (9)
» Swimmer 6 (4)
» Rookie Patrol (S7) (3)
» Ranger Patrol (S8) (3)
» Star Patrol (S9) (3)
» Swimmer 5/6 (1)
» Rookie-Ranger-Star Patrol (S7-8-9) (1)
 Lifesaving Leadership (3)
BRONZE MEDAL AWARDS may be combined with First Aid awards: e.g., Emergency First Aid with Bronze Medallion, Workplace Standard First Aid with Bronze Cross. Combining first aid and lifesaving or lifeguarding awards allows candidates to earn both certifications at the same time. National Lifeguard (40 hr.): National Lifeguard education is designed to develop a sound understanding of lifeguarding principles, good judgment and a mature and responsible attitude toward the role of the lifeguard. The course develops the basic lifeguarding skills, principles and decision-making processes that will assist the lifeguard to evaluate and adapt to different aquatic facilities and emergencies. LEADERSHIP INSTRUCTOR PROGRAMS: Lifesaving Society leadership training progressions recognize that there are different stages in the growth and development of instructors from beginner to expert. Training focuses on developing the essential knowledge, skills, behaviours and values of the Society.
» Bronze Medallion (1)
» Bronze Cross (1)
» Bronze Star (1)
 Adult Lessons (2)
Adult Swimmer (offering 2 levels): for people over 16 years. Working with certified instructors, Adult Swimmer candidates set their own goals. Whether just starting out or wanting to improve their current swimming ability and fitness, Adult Swimmers develop water confidence and smooth recognizable strokes
» Adult - beginner (1)
» Adult - stroke improvement (1)