GHSC Facility User Conditions  

In consideration of The GHSCMI allowing the User to use and occupy the Facilities, and by accepting this Agreement the User agrees as follows:

Online Indoor Training Facility Bookings-  All facility bookings made online are paid in full and in advance, refunds will not be given for cancellations made on the part of the renter. If a mistake is made while booking online, you must notify GHSCMI immediately at Cancelations must be made online at least 7 days in advance. No refunds or rescheduling will be allowed within 7 days.  ALL BOOKINGS MUST BE MADE FOR AT LEAST 60 MINUTES, A MINIMUM OF 2 30-MINUTE SLOTS MUST BE BOOKED. AN EXTRA 30 MINUTE CHARGE WILL BE ADDED TO THE INVOICE FOR ALL 30 MINUTE BOOKINGS, OR BOOKINGS WILL BE CANCELLED.  

Note - GHSC pitching machines do not accommodate slo-pitch. Slo-Pitch rentals must supply their own pitcher and book in tunnels B2 and B3.

The Pitching lanes are not to be used for live hitting of any kind including softball, baseball or cricket. 

Indemnity. The User will indemnify and save harmless GHSCMI from and against all losses, claims, actions, damages, liability and expenses (including any legal expenses incurred by GHSCMI) arising from or in connection with the use of, or presence in, the Facilities by the User, any person invited or allowed into the facility by the User, or any person for whom the User is responsible.

Waiver. The user waives any and all claims against, releases from liability and agrees not to sue GHSCMI, its officers, employees, agents and representatives, for any personal injury, death, property damage or any other loss sustained by the User or for which the User may be responsible arising out of, or in connection with the User’s use of, or presence in, the above noted Facilities.

No Warranty. GHSCMI makes no warranty expressed or implied with regard to the safety or suitability of the Facilities or their fitness for the User’s purpose; the User accepts the Facilities as is, at its own risk.

Mechanical Breakdown. GHSCMI takes no responsibly for any mechanical failures that should occur including: heating and cooling systems, electrical, plumbing and water issues.

The GHSCMI may cancel a rental permit at any time, if, in the opinion of the GHSCMI, the conduct of those using the facility is not acceptable. Teams are responsible for the behavior of their fans and spectators.

Management reserves the right to postpone, re-schedule or cancel any activity on a temporary basis, in order to accommodate another activity as a result of unusual circumstances.

GHSCMI reserves the right to display the client's name on our InfoCast system, which is also displayed on-line on our public booking calendar.  

Responsibilities of the User

  1. Clients must be responsible for ensuring thier booking is accurate. No changes to the invoice will occur folloiwng useage of the invoice unless extra charges apply. 

  2. The User will ensure that all of GHSCMI policies and regulations are adhered to by the User and all of its officers, employees, servants, agents, contractors, members, and volunteers, any person invited or allowed into the Facilities by the User, or any person for whom the User is responsible (collectively, the “User Parties”).
  1. The User will:
    1. Assume full responsibility for adult supervision of all activities at the Facilities throughout the period of booking (the “Booking Period”) and maintaining order during the Event. The User is responsible for the conduct of all persons using the Facilities during the Booking Period;
    2. Control the behavior of User Parties in the Facilities;
    3. Ensure that décor or signage will not be affixed to GHSCMI property without the prior approval of GHSCMI and all décor, signage and personal belongings will be removed directly following the Event;
    4. Supervise entrance and adjacent areas to ensure that unauthorized persons do not enter the Facilities;
    5. Ensure that Event participants remain within the confines of the area assigned to the group, remain within the schedule allocated, and vacate the premises promptly;
    6. Be responsible for any damage whether to persons or to property including the exterior of all buildings, grounds, and fences
    7. Allow GHSCMI at all times to enter the Facilities and inspect it and the User’s activities;
    8. Be aware no glitter, confetti or metallic confetti are allowed inside GHSCMI;
    9. Be aware no Fireworks or sparklers are allowed inside or outside GHSCMI;
    10. Be aware no open flames are permitted. All candles must be securely placed in a sturdy, heat resistant candle holder, tall enough to cover the flame and large enough to contain any drips or melted wax, subject to GHSCMI’s approval. Any damage caused by candle use will be charged to the client;
    11. Be responsible for arrangements for any transportation (taxis, designated drivers, and/or shuttles) to and/or from the Facilities. Such arrangements must be made prior to the Event.
    12. Be aware outside noise must be kept to a minimum after 10:00 pm;
    13. Comply with all directions of GHSCMI staff with regard to the use of the Facilities;
    14. Use only that equipment which it has written authority from GHSCMI to use; and comply with all relevant legislation or law.
    15. Will be solely responsible for obtaining copyright authorization/licenses to utilize copyrighted live or recorded music, dramatic, or other works at the Event. The User is solely responsible for paying any required copyright royalties and ensuring any disc jockey or band is hired is licensed and insured.
    16. All sports groups, renters or organizations that operate on the premises must carry at least $2,000,000 Commercial General Liability preferably $5,000,000 CGL.Please name the Gordie Howe Sports Complex Management Inc as an “Additional insured” on the policy. You must povide a copy of teh policy a week before teh first booking on the invoice.

    17. All users are responsible for their own first aid kits and treatment in case of injury. GHSCMI is respnible to provide first adie should an injury occur.

Hall and Meeting Room Cancellation and Billing Policies

1. Some facility bookings require a deposit; refunds will not be given for cancellations made on the part of the user.

2. Invoices will be sent out following the event that will reflect real usage. If extra time from the original booking was used, this will be reflected on the invoice. This encompasses the time the rental is opened until the last person leaves.

3. The GHSCMI will not exercise its right to cancel a booking in an unreasonable manner and will provide as much notice as possible to the User. Where the cancellation of the booking is not caused through breach or default of the User, the Rental Fee paid will be reimbursed and this Agreement will be cancelled.

4. Where The GHSCMI cancels a booking for any reason, the User agrees that The GHSCMI is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage suffered by the User. In this case, the User will have no claim or right to damages, or reimbursement on account of any loss, damage, or expense whatsoever.

3.    The GHSCMI may cancel a rental permit at any time, if, in the opinion of the GHSCMI, the conduct of those using the facility is not acceptable. Teams are responsible for the behavior of their fans and spectators.
4.    Management reserves the right to postpone, re-schedule or cancel any activity on a temporary basis, in order to accommodate another activity as a result of unusual circumstances.

Rules for Outdoor Rentals

1. Staking of sharp objects (including flags, shade structures and tents) into any turf is prohibited. 

2. Marking, painting or taping on any surface is prohibited.

3 Substances that may stain the turf, such as ointments or sunscreen must be kept outside the turfed area.

4. Any person using chewing tobacco or sunflower seeds in any area will be asked to leave immediately. 

5. Metal cleats are forbidden on any surface. Footwear on artificial turf fields must be approved by the GHSCMI

Banquet Room Rental Policies

1. When you arrive for your rental, please alert the staff and he/she will review the room with you

2. The user will leave the rental venue in a clean and orderly condition. After the completion of the booking, GHSCMI will assess the condition of the rental venue to determine whether the rental venue has been left in a reasonable manner. If GHSCMI determines, in its sole discretion, that the Rental Venue was not left in a reasonable and orderly condition, or damage to the space occurred, the User will pay to GHSCMI, (due immediately upon receipt of invoice), GHSCMI’s then current rates for cleaning, with a minimum cost of $50.00 and or the cost of equipment repair or replacement.

3. Bylaw No. 8286 The Smoking Control Bylaw prohibits smoking or vaping in indoor and outdoor public places owned or operated by the City of Saskatoon including the use of all cannabis products.  

4. No outside food or drink is allowed. Due to public health regulations, any food left over from function in the banquet room cannot leave the premises.

5. GHSCMI does not supply security personnel.  The GHSCMI has the authority to shut down any Event where activities, equipment usage, or participant behavior are in violation of this Agreement or any of The GHSCMI rules or policy, or pose a threat of injury or damage.

7. GHSCMI does not accept liability for any loss or damage to goods stored or set up prior to arrival, during your event or what may be left behind.

9. Insurance. The GHSCMI shall be responsible for maintaining property and liability insurance with respect to the Facilities in amount and with such coverages as a prudent owner would maintain. GHSCMI reserves the right to request additional insurance to be presented at least 2 weeks prior to any scheduled event. Users that are members of a PSGB can make a request directly to their PSGB to tie into their liability insurance (those requests usually have to be made a month in advance). 

10. Noise such as music and PA announcements from sporting events hosted at the Gordie Howe Sports Complex may occur during your event


Catering Information

Menu – The details will be arranged directly with our food service providers, Flavours Catering. They are responsible for working with you on the set up of the facility.  All applicable taxes and 10% gratuity will be added to all food and beverage services.

Alcohol Service

Alcohol service is supplied through GHSCMI. All alcohol is served in accordance with provincial liquor laws. All alcoholic beverages must be consumed in licensed areas only.

Last call is at 1:00am, bar is closed at 1:30am.  Banquet facilities must be empty by 2:00am


Any and all music must be confirmed prior to your event with Flavours.  All entertainment providers must view the facility to ensure all technical needs are met as they must bring their own equipment.  Music is to be concluded at 1:30am.  


There is one 60-inch television monitor at the front of each boardroom with the main hall having ones on the sides as well. The mid room speakers will project sound. To hook up to these you will need an HDMI connection on your computer.  

A ceiling projector that projects to a wall space is available in the Main Hall if requested, at no cost to the user. A wired microphone and stand can also be provided at no cost to the user in the Main Hall if requested.

“The User” shall supply their own computer, necessary cords and adapters that hook up to wall HDMI Connection provided for video or meeting needs.

The following equipment can be rented at an extra charge: lapel microphones, extra projector and screen as well as the use of an Audio-Visual Tech. Should any of the above items be rented the AV Tech will be booked for set up.  

If you require the use of the projector or audio system, this must be tested prior to the event to ensure everything is in working order.  Please arrange a time with Flavours to do this.  Flavours Catering or Gordie Howe Sports Complex Management Inc will not be responsible if there are technical issues.

GHSCMI reserves the right to bring in an AV tech for set up at the customers' expense.  


Decorating the night before the wedding must be requested at the time of booking your event. You will only be allowed to decorate the night before if another event has not been booked. Access to the banquet room for decorating must be confirmed by GHSCMI.

Articles are not to be fastened to the walls or fixtures. The use of tacks, tape, nails, screws, or any tools that may mark or damage is not allowed.  Removable tape or command hooks must be used.