Refund Policy

Facility and Service Cancellation/Refund Policies


1. Cancellation of booked times must be received and acknowledged by GHSCMI no later than 7 days prior to use or charges in full will be applied to the renter.

2. If the booking is made and Gordie Sports Complex Management Corporation is forced to cancel a full refund or rescheduling will be arranged.

3. The GHSCMI may cancel a rental permit at any time, if, in the opinion of the Centre, the conduct of those using the facility is not acceptable. Teams are responsible for the behavior of their fans and spectators.

4. Management reserves the right to postpone, re-schedule or cancel any activity on a temporary basis, to accommodate another activity as a result of unusual circumstances.

5. The renter will leave the rented venue in a clean and orderly condition. All equipment must be returned immediately following the booking in its original condition. After the completion of the booking, GHSCMI will assess the condition of the rented venue to determine whether it has been left in a clean and orderly condition and all equipment returned in it’s original form. If GHSCMI determines, in its sole discretion, that the rented venue was not left in a clean and orderly condition, or damage to the equipment occurred, the renter will pay to GHSCMI, due immediately upon receipt of invoice, GHSCMI’s then current rates for cleaning, with a minimum cost of $50.00 and or the cost of equipment repair or replacement.

6. Should the renter stay in the rented venue past the original booking time, they will be charged full price for the extra time rented.